The China Medical Devices Market to 2030

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93 pages

Over 30 tables and figures

Published May 2021


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The China medical devices Market section gives a detailed market overview, qualitative analysis of the factors responsible for driving and restraining growth, fragmented/consolidated nature of the market, competitive landscape, M&As scenario and trends and details future outlook.

The China medical devices market has been segmented based on the medical devices/products type and also by customers. The market size estimates and forecasts for the period 2020 to 2030 have been provided for each of the segments, in terms of $ bn, considering 2019 as the base year for calculations. The CAGR (%) of each market segment for the forecast period 2020 to 2030 has also been provided along with market size estimations.


This GMR Data report is the single tool to equip you with the latest trends in the Chinese Medical Devices market. This report will arm you with all you and your company require to develop, price, launch and market a product in China, or compete with a Chinese product launched in your market.


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CHAPTER 1   Executive Summary

1.1 Report Description

1.2 Market Segmentation


CHAPTER 2   Market Overview


2.1         Chinese Healthcare System

2.2         Opportunities in the Market

2.3         Opportunities for SME Foreign Medtech Companies

2.4         China HealthCare Indicators Vs Global HealthCare Indicators

2.4.1      Demographic Indicators

2.4.2      Healthcare Expenditure

2.4.3.     Implications from U.S. - China Trade War

2.5         Introduction - Medical Devices in China

2.5.1.     Definition of Medical Devices

2.5.2.     Classification of Medical Devices

2.5.3.     Certification of Medical Devices


CHAPTER 3   China Medical Devices Industry Structure


3.1         Healthy China 2020 and 2030 Reforms/Five-Year Plans - Planned Investment in Infrastructure

3.2.        Healthy China 2020 and 2030 Reforms - Impact on Medical Devices Industry

3.3.        Regulatory Structure

3.3.1.     Regulatory Authorities

3.3.2.     Current Regulatory Policies for Medical Devices

3.3.3.     Registration Process / Approval for Domestic and Imported Medical Devices

3.3.4.     Intellectual Property Rights / Patent law

3.3.5.     Pricing & Reimbursement

3.3.6.     Pricing & Reimbursement China Medical Devices Imports and Exports - Pre-Reforms

3.3.7.     Pricing & Reimbursement  China Medical Devices Imports and Exports - Post-Reforms

3.4  Distribution Structure

3.4.1.     New Two-Invoice Distribution System/Structure

3.4.2.     Recommendations for Foreign Medtech Companies in China


CHAPTER 4   China Medical Devices Market


4.1 Overview

4.1.1 Growth Drivers New Healthcare Reforms, 2009, the 12th and 13th Five-Year Plan (2011-2020) Higher Proportion of Geriatric Population/Increased Incidence of Lifestyle Diseases Rising Affordability

4.1.2  Barriers / Restraints

4.1.3.     Challenging Regulations

4.1.4.     Differential Reimbursement/Regulatory Policies for Foreign Medtech Companies

4.1.5.     Fragmented / Consolidated Market

4.2 Competitive Landscape - Domestic companies Vs Foreign companies

4.2.1 Domestic Companies - Key Operating/High ROI Areas

4.2.2 Foreign Companies - Key Operating/High ROI Areas

4.2.3 Stakeholders in China Medtech Value-Chain

4.2.4 Telemedicine

4.2.5.     Wearables


CHAPTER 5   China Medical Devices Market, By Type, 2020 – 2030


5.1         China Diagnostic Medical Devices Market Forecast, 2020 – 2030 ($/bn)

5.2         China Therapeutic Medical Devices Market Forecast, 2020 – 2030 ($/bn)

5.3         China Supportive Medical Devices Market, 2020 – 2030 ($/bn)

5.3.1.     China Consumables Medical Devices Market Forecast, 2020 – 2030 ($/bn)

5.3.2.     China Implants Medical Devices Market Forecast, 2020 – 2030 ($/bn)


CHAPTER 6   China Medical Devices Market, By Customers, 2020 – 2030 ($/bn)


6.1         China Public Hospitals Medical Devices Market Forecast, 2020 – 2030 ($/bn)

6.2         China Private Hospitals Medical Devices Market Forecast, 2020 – 2030 ($/bn)

6.3         China Home Healthcare Medical Devices Market, 2020 – 2030 ($/bn)


CHAPTER 7 Company Profiles

(Company Background, Business Structure China, Products Services China, Distribution Network China, Growth strategy China, Financial Information China)

7.1          Medtronic         

7.2         Johnson & Johnson

7.3         Boston Scientific

7.4        GE Healthcare

7.5         Stryker

7.6         Philips Healthcare

7.7         Siemens

7.8         Mindray

7.9         Lepu Medical

7.10       Yuwell Medical