GMR Data’s new pharmaceutical market report ‘The Indian Pharmaceutical Market - Leading Domestic Companies 2015’ is released today


This report discusses the Indian pharmaceutical industry in depth, with specific focus on the ten leading domestic India pharmaceutical companies; their key financials since FY2011; their key global markets; their Merger, Acquisition and Joint Venture activity; their Research & Development spending; as well as Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats that each individual company faces. This report also offers a snapshot of the key financials in the India pharmaceutical sector; import / export values, and where the India based pharmaceutical companies are generating their revenue globally. The report concludes with interviews with directors of Ipca Laboratories, Cadila Healthcare and Cipla.


The Indian Pharmaceutical Market - Leading Domestic Companies 2015 also highlights what drives, or restrains, the market for these leading companies;

Key Drivers


US Generics Market

JV, Acquisitions & Mergers

Patent Cliff

Increased Domestic Health Spending

Geographic Expansion into Semi-Regulated and Emerging Pharma Markets

Economies in Drug Production/Manufacture

Governmental Support


Key Restraints


Industry Inefficiencies

Regulatory Non-Compliance

Price Ceilings

Intellectual Property Rights / Compulsory Licence

Inadequate Health Insurance, India



The US generics market has been a massive growth driver for the India pharmaceutical market, with many leading companies in GMR Data’s list generating over 50% of their annual revenues from the US generics market. However with access to the US market comes increased scrutiny from the US FDA; nearly all the companies in the top ten have faced warnings from the FDA; ranging from minor procedural infractions to complete manufacturing shutdown.


The report contains over 130 tables & figures across 152 pages and concludes with 3 exclusive interviews with managing directors of 3 leading Indian pharmaceutical companies;

  • Cipla
  • Cadila Healthcare
  • IPCA Laboratories


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