Identify winners and losers in challenging, fluid conditions


Simeon Pinder, Senior Analyst, GMR Data Ltd


How we research has shifted fundamentally due to the pandemic. Three questions we have to address—How was a sector operating pre-COVID? How about during? And what is the outlook for post-COVID?

If we take retail as an example—depending on your physical / online mix, it has been feast or famine. The banking sector has had to deal with loan breaks, whilst scaling their digital to encourage customers towards online. The pharmaceutical sector has faced unprecedented demands, not just in headline vaccines trials, but in areas such as PPE, medical devices, and Rx & OTC arenas. Our research shows us that no one sector has benefitted universally, and within horizontals there are winners and losers.

What we see is that in challenging, fluid, conditions independent market research is always welcomed. We also see light at the end of the tunnel, and we expect a busy 2021!


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