GMR Data Analyst Sim Pinder was part of a successful launch of a new utilities industry book this month entitled 'A Multidisciplinary Introduction to Desalination'.

The book was published by Dutch publishing house 'River Publishers' and discusses, in depth, the global desalination sector. The book was edited by Dr Alireza Bazargan and includes peer reviewed content from a range of global experts in the field.

Sim Pinder co-authored the final chapter in the book which discusses both current and future global business development.

"It was a pleasure to contribute to the book, I know Alireza, other writers and the River team have worked hard on getting this book onto the shelves. Today the globe faces a series of challenges, and for many people globally the most serious challenge is access to a clean, secure source of water. In addition to supporting the general population access to potable water, desalinated water supports a wide range of industrial applications, such as energy and agriculture."

Alongside contributing to the new publication, Sim Pinder and GMR Data team recently published their 2nd in a series of Desalination reports which looked at the key factors that will drive global Desalination growth to 2026.

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